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Welcome to InsightHub our online data area providing insights into Emergency Department (ED) operations, ambulance service performance, and mental health data, including NHS 111 Wales Press 2 statistics.

Discover actionable insights into ED efficiency with detailed analysis of key metrics such as time to triage, time to clinician, and patient outcomes. Our platform data outputs focus on the critical stages of patient care, from arrival at the ED to receiving necessary medical attention, enabling healthcare professionals and administrators to optimise processes and improve patient outcomes.

In addition to ED data, we offer comprehensive insights into ambulance service indicators, offering a holistic view of pre-hospital emergency care. View our data which covers response times, transport durations, and other vital performance metrics to enhance emergency medical services and ensure timely interventions for patients in need.

Furthermore, our online area provides valuable insights into mental health data, including statistics from NHS 111 Wales Press 2 service. Dive deep into trends and patterns related to mental health crisis calls, response times, and outcomes, empowering mental health professionals and policymakers to better understand and address mental health challenges in the community.