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Nursing and Quality Assurance

Nursing and Quality Assurance, aims to prioritise the delivery of safe, high-quality healthcare services across Wales.

Our department focuses on various aspects related to quality assurance, patient safety, and performance improvement:

Quality and Patient Safety: We oversee initiatives to ensure the highest standards of quality and patient safety across healthcare services. This includes reporting to committees, maintaining quality and patient safety dashboards, and implementing strategies to uphold national frameworks standards and best practices.

Safeguarding: We are dedicated to safeguarding vulnerable individuals receiving healthcare services. This includes ensuring that providers are aware of relevant safeguarding processes, guidelines, and training requirements.

Professional Regulation: We oversee professional regulation for nurses within the Joint Commissioning Committee (JCC) team, ensuring adherence to regulatory standards and promoting professional excellence.

Complaints and Concerns: We handle complaints and concerns from patients and stakeholders, facilitating resolution and driving improvements in service delivery.

Individual Patient Funding Release: We manage the release of funding for individual patient care, ensuring equitable access to necessary services and treatments.

Patient-reported Experience Measures (PREMs) and Patient-reported Outcome Measures (PROMs): We collect and analyse patient feedback and outcomes to assess service effectiveness and identify areas for improvement.

Performance Improvement Notices: We issue performance improvement notices when necessary to address deficiencies and drive continuous improvement in service delivery.

We are committed to promoting a culture of excellence, safety, and continuous improvement in healthcare services. Through rigorous oversight, collaboration with stakeholders, and data-driven decision-making, we strive to ensure the highest standards of quality and safety for all patients in Wales.