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Chief Commissioner

The Chief Commissioner of the Joint Commissioning Committee (JCC), provides strategic direction and oversight to ensure the delivery of high-quality healthcare services across Wales and holds overall accountability for the management and financial governance of the budget, ensuring efficient allocation of resources to meet Wales's healthcare needs.

The role encompasses:

Accountability: Overall accountability for the management and financial governance of the budget, ensuring efficient allocation of resources to meet the healthcare needs of our communities, amounting to approximately £1.3 billion.

Organisational Effectiveness: Ensuring the effectiveness of the JCC and its supporting team, fostering a culture of collaboration, innovation, and accountability.

Team Development: Building and developing the new JCC team, providing leadership, guidance, and support to achieve our strategic objectives.

Strategic Leadership: Providing top-level leadership, vision, and strategic direction to the JCC team, guiding the development and delivery of our strategic priorities.

Strategy Development: Developing and ensuring the delivery of the strategy on behalf of the JCC, ensuring alignment with evidence-based practices and healthcare priorities.

Alignment with Regional and National Services: Ensuring the commissioning of delegated services aligns with the best evidence, health board priorities, and strategic consistency with regional, national (Wales), and UK healthcare services where appropriate.

Service Design and Reconfiguration: Taking a proactive leadership role in service design and reconfiguration, driving innovation and improvement to meet the evolving needs of our population.

Stakeholder Engagement: Leading key relationships with CEOs, Welsh Government, and politicians, serving as an ambassador for the JCC in Wales and across the UK.

Project Management: Oversee project management of national programmes, ensuring effective delivery and alignment with strategic objectives.

Contract Management: Ensuring robust contract arrangements are in place with healthcare providers, promoting accountability and quality of service delivery.

Performance Management: Accountability for the delivery of performance targets, monitoring and driving improvements in healthcare outcomes.

Governance and Information Strategies: Ensuring robust, integrated governance systems and effective information strategies are in place, promoting transparency, accountability, and data-driven decision-making.

Person-Centred Care:  Delivery of high-quality, person-centered care for every individual in Wales