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Our Structure

Welcome to our structural overview, where we lead the commissioning efforts to ensure access to a comprehensive range of healthcare services across Wales.

Ambulance Services and 111: We prioritise access to emergency medical response services and the NHS 111 Wales helpline, ensuring timely and appropriate care for individuals in urgent need of medical assistance.

Tertiary Services: Our department oversees the commissioning of specialised tertiary care services, including complex surgeries, transplantations, and advanced treatments, to meet the needs of patients with complex and rare medical conditions.

Mental Health and Vulnerable Groups: We prioritise access to mental health services and support for vulnerable groups, including individuals with mental illness, substance abuse disorders, and other complex needs, to promote mental well-being and social inclusion.

Finance and Information: We coordinate financial management and information systems to support the efficient and effective delivery of healthcare services, ensuring transparency, accountability, and data-driven decision-making.

Planning, Performance, Communication, and Engagement: Our department leads strategic planning, performance monitoring, communication, and engagement efforts to ensure alignment with healthcare goals, priorities, and community needs.

Nursing and Quality Assurance: We prioritise the recruitment, training, and professional development of nursing staff to ensure high-quality patient care and outcomes. We also oversee quality assurance initiatives to monitor and improve the quality and safety of healthcare services.

Office of the Medical Director: We provide clinical leadership and oversight to ensure the delivery of safe, effective, and patient-centered care across all healthcare services. Our office works collaboratively with healthcare professionals to promote clinical excellence and innovation.

As an team, we are dedicated to improving access, quality, and outcomes for all individuals across Wales. Through strategic commissioning, collaboration with stakeholders, and continuous quality improvement initiatives, we strive to ensure equitable access to high-quality healthcare services and support the health and well-being of our communities.