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The Committee

The NHS Wales Joint Commissioning Committee is a Joint Committee of the seven Health Boards.  It consists of an independent Chair, up to five Lay Members, the seven Chief Executives of the Health Boards and the Chief Commissioner as an Associate Member.

The Joint Committee’s role is to:

  • Determine a long-term strategy for the commissioning of services delegated to the JCC
  • Produce an Integrated Medium-Term Plan which describes how these services will be delivered on behalf of LHBs through clear ‘commissioning intentions’ which informs and compliments the LHBs Integrated Medium-Term Plans (IMTPs)
  • In commissioning services, the JCC will act in accordance with the Directions and Scheme of Delegation of the health boards and will, for the relevant functions:
    • Identify and evaluate existing, new and emerging services and treatments and advise on the way in which these services should be delivered
    • Develop policies for the equitable access to safe and sustainable, high quality health care services across Wales for those services which fall within the scope of the JCC
    • Determine annually those services that should be commissioned on a regional or national basis
    • Determine the appropriate level of funding for the commissioning of directed and delegated services at a regional or national level and determine the contribution from each LHBs for those services (which will include the running costs of the JCC and the Joint Commissioning Team) in accordance with any specific directions set by the Welsh Ministers
    • Secure the provision of services delegated at a regional and national level including those to be delivered by providers outside of Wales
    • Ensure the JCC operates within an appropriate governance framework.