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Ambulance Service Indicators

Understanding Ambulance Service Performance: Your Monthly Report

The monthly publications of Ambulance Services Indicators, offering you more up-to-date insights. Below, you'll find an interactive dashboard that walks you through the 5-Step Ambulance Model, designed to give you a clear picture of service performance.

Step 1: Help me choose Explore data from Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust & NHS 111 Wales Telephony and Website to help you make informed decisions about seeking medical help.

Step 2: Answer my call Discover how emergency calls are handled, including initial and advanced triage, along with trends in incident types over time.

Step 3: Come to see me See breakdowns of incident categories by Health Board, including data from Community and Uniformed Responders, and response times categorised as RED, AMBER, and GREEN.

Step 4: Give me treatment Learn about incidents where patients were not taken to the hospital and clinical indicators such as Cardiac Arrest, Stroke, SEPSIS, and more.

Step 5: Take me to hospital Understand how we convey patients to different types of hospitals, along with data on resource availability and handover efficiency.

Please note: Clinical Indicator reporting underwent changes due to the introduction of an Electronic Patient Clinical Record (ePCR). While there's no data reported for December 2021 to March 2022, we've resumed reporting since April 2022, with more indicators to come.

Using the Dashboard: Each section of the dashboard provides key indicators, which you can filter either at the Wales-level or Health Board level. Expand the dashboard to full screen using the arrow at the bottom right and navigate through the sections using the left and right arrows.

Accessing Data: For a deeper dive into the data, you can export the Wales-level dataset or the Health Board dataset. We've also provided metadata and indicator  descriptors for your reference.

Since October 2015, we've been committed to transparency and accountability in our ambulance services. To complement the data release, we've prepared a narrative and overview document for download, giving you a comprehensive understanding of our performance.

The next scheduled refresh is Thursday  20 June 2024 at 09:30am

Access Emergency Ambulance Service Data with StatsWales

StatsWales, a free service provided by the Welsh Government, offers users the opportunity to explore, analyse, and download tables of data specific to Wales.

Emergency Ambulance Services Overview: Here are some key links to summary information about emergency ambulance services available on StatsWales:

  1. Emergency Ambulance Calls and Responses:

  2. Minute-by-Minute Performance:

    • Analyse minute-by-minute performance data for emergency responses to both red and amber calls, categorised by LHB and month. (2015/2022)

Additional Files: In addition to the summary information, StatsWales offers the following files for further exploration:

StatsWales provides a valuable resource for understanding and analysing emergency ambulance service data in Wales. Whether you're interested in response times, call volumes, or performance metrics, StatsWales offers comprehensive information to help you stay informed about emergency services in your area.