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Planning, Performance, Communication and Engagement

Planning, Performance, Communication and Engagement specialise in strategic planning and performance management to ensure the achievement of organisational goals and objectives.
Our Strategic Plan outlines our vision, mission, and key priorities, providing a roadmap for success. Through Strategic Planning, we develop actionable strategies to align our activities with overarching goals and drive sustainable growth.

We also oversee the development and implementation of our Medium-Term Plan, which outlines our objectives and initiatives over a defined period, ensuring continuity and progress towards long-term objectives. Our Performance Management framework enables us to monitor progress, identify areas for improvement, and celebrate successes. We utilise a comprehensive Performance Framework to set clear performance targets and evaluate outcomes effectively.

As stewards of our Commissioning Framework, we oversee the planning and implementation of initiatives to meet the needs of our stakeholders and communities. Our Planning Business Planning expertise ensures that our resources are allocated efficiently and effectively to support our strategic priorities. We also prioritise Risk Management to identify and mitigate potential threats to our organisation's success.

Our department excels in Programme and Project Management, overseeing the successful delivery of initiatives from inception to completion. We specialise in engagement for service change, fostering collaboration and communication with stakeholders to ensure buy-in and support for initiatives. We conduct bespoke commissioning and service reviews to evaluate performance and identify opportunities for improvement.

In addition, we play a pivotal role in supporting system change through Commissioning, serving as leaders in inputting into regional and inter-health board commissioning efforts. We are committed to developing commissioning expertise and capacity, as recommended by reviews and assessments.

Our department is responsible for generating Performance Reports and publishing monthly Ambulance Service Indicators for the Welsh Government, providing valuable insights into our organisation's performance. We also develop Dashboards and provide data and information for strategic reviews and the Integrated Medium Term Plan (IMTP) tracker, supporting evidence-based decision-making at all levels of the organization.

We are dedicated to driving organisational success through strategic planning, performance management, and effective communication. We are committed to fostering a culture of excellence and continuous improvement, ensuring that we deliver the highest quality services to our stakeholders and communities.