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Committee Secretary

The Committee Secretary plays a pivotal role in ensuring effective corporate governance and the smooth operation of our committee.


Principal Advisor: Serving as the primary advisor to the Committee and the entire JCC team on all matters related to corporate and committee governance, providing guidance and expertise to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and best practices.

Framework Development: Lead the design and continuous development of a robust governance and assurance framework for the JCC and its team. This framework aligns with and complements those of our host body and Local Health Boards (LHBs), ensuring coherence and effectiveness.

Standards Compliance: Responsibility to ensure that the JCC consistently meets the standards of good governance, fostering transparency, accountability, and integrity in all our activities and decision-making processes.

Committee Structure: Oversee the establishment and management of the Committee and its subcommittee structure, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in our governance processes.

Corporate Services:

Committee Secretariat: Manage the secretariat function, facilitating the smooth running of Committee meetings, preparing agendas, recording minutes, and managing follow-up actions.

Annual Reporting: Oversee the preparation and submission of the JCC's annual report and assurance reporting to our host body, providing a comprehensive overview of our activities and achievements.

Risk Management: Lead risk management and assurance activities, identifying and mitigating risks to ensure the ongoing success and sustainability of our operations.

Facilities and Office Management: Oversee facilities and office management, including health and safety protocols, to provide a safe and conducive working environment for our team.

Complaints and Legal Matters: Manage complaints and legal matters, ensuring prompt and fair resolution in compliance with relevant regulations and policies.

HR Support: Provide support in human resources management, including recruitment, training, and employee relations, to foster a positive and productive work culture.

Information Governance: Ensure compliance with information governance standards, safeguarding sensitive data and promoting data security and confidentiality.

Website Development and Maintenance: Oversee the development and maintenance of our websites, ensuring they remain up-to-date and user-friendly for stakeholders.

IT Equipment and Liaison: Management of IT equipment procurement and maintenance and serve as a liaison with IT service providers to ensure the smooth functioning of our technological infrastructure.

In summary, the Committee Secretary provides strategic leadership in governance and corporate services, ensuring the JCC operates with the highest standards of integrity, efficiency, and effectiveness.