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Specialist Mental Health, Learning Disabilities and Vulnerable Groups

Specialist Mental Health, Learning Disabilities and Vulnerable Groups, leads the commissioning efforts to ensure access to a comprehensive range of services across Wales.

Our commissioning portfolio encompasses a diverse array of services.

We commission Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) Tier 4, providing specialised care for young people with complex mental health needs. This includes the Forensic Adolescent Consultation Service (FACS) for agencies concerned with the care and treatment of children and young people who, in the context of mental disorder(s) or significant adversity/trauma and related severe psychological difficulties, present a serious risk to others.

Our commissioning efforts extend to High Secure, Medium Secure, and Low Secure Psychiatric Services, catering to individuals with varying levels of mental health needs. We also provide specialised services for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing through Mental Health Services for Deaf People (Tier 4).

Furthermore, we commission specialised Neuropsychiatry services, addressing the complex intersection of neurological and psychiatric conditions; and also Specialised Perinatal Services and Specialised Eating Disorder Services (Tier 4) to support individuals during vulnerable life stages.

The All Wales Traumatic Stress Quality Improvement Initiative also known as Traumatic Stress Wales, aims to improve the health and wellbeing of people of all ages living in Wales at risk of developing or with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or complex post-traumatic stress disorder (CPTSD). More information can be found here.

We also commission Gender Identity Services for Children and Young People and Gender Identity Services for Adults.

Our directorate plays a pivotal role in coordinating national initiatives, including the National Mental Health (MH) / Learning Disabilities (LD) Hospital Framework, National MH/LD Care Home Framework, and Focused Service Reviews for Mental Health. We collaborate with stakeholders to conduct National Service Reviews and drive continuous improvement in mental health services across Wales.

We also lead initiatives to enhance mental health care in primary care settings, in partnership with the Strategic Programme for Primary Care. Furthermore, we support research and innovation programmes.

As part of our commitment to improving access to mental health care, we lead initiatives such as Taith Dda-Mental Health conveyance and Mental Health 111#2 in partnership with Goal 2 of Six Goals for Urgent and Emergency Care. We also facilitate alternative care models through initiatives like the Children and Young Person Mental Health (CYP) Alternatives to Admission Vanguard.

Moreover, we oversee the Welsh Governments Mental Health Measurement & Outcomes Board to monitor and improve outcomes in mental health care. Additionally, we provide support to Health Boards for Continuing Health Care through our role as lead for the Joint Commissioning Committee.

We are dedicated to ensuring that individuals across Wales have access to high-quality, person-centered mental health care, and support. Through strategic commissioning, collaboration, and innovation, we aim to improve outcomes, promote recovery, and enhance the well-being of our communities.