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Ambulance Services and 111

Ambulance Services and 111, leads the commissioning efforts to ensure access to high-quality care services across Wales.
Our commissioning portfolio encompasses a wide range of critical services, including Emergency and Non-Emergency Ambulance Services, Air Ambulance Services, NHS 111 Wales services, the Major Trauma Network Operational Delivery Network and the Spinal Operational Delivery Network.
We work to optimise the delivery of major trauma and spinal care services, ensuring that individuals receive timely and appropriate treatment for their injuries. In addition to major trauma and spinal care, we oversee Emergency Ambulance Services and the Emergency Medical Retrieval & Transfer Service (EMRTS), ensuring rapid response and transportation for individuals requiring urgent medical attention. We also commission the Non-Emergency Patient Transport Service (NEPTS), facilitating safe and reliable transportation for patients requiring non-urgent medical care or mobility assistance.

As part of our commitment to improving emergency care, we lead initiatives such as the Six Goals Programme, which aims to enhance access, quality, and safety in emergency services. We also oversee the commissioning of 111 services, providing a vital point of contact for individuals seeking urgent medical advice and assistance.
Furthermore, we ensure access to specialised services for survivors of sexual assault through the commissioning of Sexual Assault Referral Centres (SARCs). These centres provide comprehensive care and support for individuals who have experienced sexual violence, including medical care, forensic examination, and emotional support.
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We are dedicated to ensuring that individuals across Wales have access to timely, effective, and compassionate emergency and trauma care. Through strategic commissioning, collaboration with stakeholders, and continuous quality improvement initiatives, we strive to improve outcomes and save lives in emergency situations.