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Finance and Information

Within our Finance division, we handle a diverse range of tasks essential for the smooth functioning of the NHS Wales Joint Collaborative Committee.

Our Financial Planning experts work diligently to forecast future financial needs and develop strategic plans to achieve our goals. We manage payments efficiently and ensure timely processing to maintain strong stakeholder relationships and operational continuity. In Contracting, our team meticulously reviews and negotiates agreements to safeguard our interests and ensure compliance with legal standards. As Commissioning Business Partners, we collaborate closely with other departments to align financial objectives with organisational strategies, fostering growth and sustainability.

Maintaining Financial Governance is paramount to our operations. We enforce policies and procedures to uphold regulatory compliance and ethical standards across all financial activities. Our Financial Management and Reporting team provides accurate and timely insights into our financial performance, enabling informed decision-making at all levels of the organisation. Additionally, our Financial Accounting specialists maintain precise records and financial statements to support internal and external reporting requirements.

In the Information realm, we play a critical role in managing and analysing data to drive organisational success. Through Performance Reporting, we track key metrics and provide actionable insights to enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness. We validate Contract Activity to ensure adherence to agreements and optimise resource allocation. As Commissioning Team Information Business Partners, we provide tailored support and analysis to various departments, empowering them with the information needed to achieve their objectives.

Our MAR Information System Development and Reporting services leverage cutting-edge technology to streamline data management and reporting processes, enhancing overall efficiency and accuracy. We specialise in Relative Access and Utilisation Reporting, providing valuable insights into resource allocation and utilisation trends. Additionally, our Information for Strategic Reviews and ICP ensures that decision-makers have access to relevant and timely information for strategic planning and continuous improvement initiatives.

The adoption of value-based healthcare principles within the Finance and Information Department presents a paradigm shift in how healthcare resources are managed, and information is utilised. By prioritising patient-centred care, we can ensure financial and informational services are aligned with individual patient needs and preferences, ultimately enhancing the quality-of-care delivery. Emphasising outcome measurement allows the department to move beyond traditional process indicators, enabling the measurement of financial and operational outcomes that directly impact patient health, such as cost savings, revenue generation, and operational efficiency improvements.

Moreover, a focus on cost-effectiveness facilitates optimal resource allocation, identifying opportunities to streamline financial processes and invest in initiatives that deliver the greatest value to patients and the organisation. Continuous improvement principles drive ongoing enhancements in financial and informational practices, fostering a culture of innovation and efficiency. Collaboration and integration efforts ensure seamless coordination between financial and informational services and other healthcare stakeholders, promoting holistic patient care and addressing the broader determinants of health. Through the application of value-based healthcare principles, our department will play a pivotal role in supporting the JCC to deliver high-quality, patient-centred care while maximising financial sustainability and operational effectiveness.

The Finance and Information Department serves as a central hub for financial management, data analysis, and strategic decision support within our organisation. We are committed to excellence in our operations, driving organisational success through sound financial practices and data-driven insights.