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Commissioning for Excellence

10 April 2024

In March the Quality Team at the Welsh Health Specialised Services Committee (now JCC) won a Welsh Experience National Award (WENA) recognising Excellence in Peoples Experience of Health and Community Care.

The Team won the Commissioning for Excellence Award having been nominated by Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board.

The Health Board cited that the Team were deserving of the award demonstrating that, as commissioners, they have embarked on initiatives to enhance the quality of care experiences and notable efforts have been made to collaboratively shape the patient journey.

Through close collaboration with healthcare providers, commissioners have adopted a shared approach that spans the entire patient experience.

This joint effort between commissioners and providers signifies a commitment to aligning strategies, resources, and objectives, ensuring a seamless and patient-centred continuum of care.

By emphasizing shared goals and coordinated efforts, these initiatives aim to optimize the overall quality of healthcare delivery and contribute to a more positive and cohesive experience for patients throughout their healthcare journey.

The Assistant Director for Patient Experience at the Health Board said: “Being the commissioners is not an easy task but the Team approach it with professionalism, kindness, and the utmost compassion for both the people with complex needs and the staff involved.”